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You will also need to have staff going through the profiles to check them out, compare photos cross-posted and banning IP-numbers.

Site owners ARE responsible for all material posted and hosted on their site. Luckily some sites actually are taken these precautions.

From what I haven been told by several users, the fake profiles are probably made only for one purpose: to cheat naive men into sending money to the person hiding behind a false name and picture.

The excuses used are money for an airline ticket, hospital treatments, school fees or similar.

In my opinion the dating sites should take the problem and their responsibility more serious.

This includes photographs of beautiful African women -but is certainly not aimed to disgrace them in any way.

It is very easy to be fooled on the net and pictures doesn't always tell the truth.

I was made aware of this problem after users telling me that some of my portraits of African women has been stolen and abused on dating sites and online forums.

Most will claim that they are not responsible for what their users post on tehir server, but they are not ready to give away details on the abusive users. I have personally been writing complaints to at least 30 sites by now!

But sadly most of them really do not care about fake profiles, pictures being abused by strangers and paying users being played for fools by other users.

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