Dating and moving on dating and moving on

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Dating and moving on

As I go along this journey, I want to share with you my experiences (as always a pretty honest and uncut version).So, I hope you enjoy the posts that follow, as always, over-sharing all the fads I pursue! Well I do, because my Grandma always reminds me of it (being impatient and all).Turns out, I’m not the only person to feel this way and the more I continued to speak with people around me, the more apparent it has become that passion is a subject, that everyone, in some way, connects to.I speak to friends who have only ever desired a partner or children and when they finally sit behind the perfect white picket fence they have built, feel trapped and as though they have lost their individuality.Not understanding where you see your career, what you love, your future or even where you sit in the world can sometimes be overwhelming and the reality is, it’s a challenging puzzle to solve.The pressure of solving this puzzle is ever hindered by social media and consumerism.

I appreciate at this point in the post you may have the impression that I was some young, eager intellect, let me assure you, this was not the case.

They I speak with friends who feel when their feet aren’t moving, not in the literal sense, but if they aren’t flying from country to country, hopping from one adventure to the next, that they are confined and not achieving.

The only way I can describe the sensation is similar to that of a small burning flame; you can feel something is there but it hasn’t quite set alight.

As a person that has lived with anxiety for a long time, when I have suffered challenging bouts of the condition, it feels as though my logical brain If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know that over recent years I have learned to manage my anxiety through different means and now (a little older than nine) I still find the brain incredibly fascinating but for very different reasons.

As I mentioned, Mrs Gregory’s words stayed with me, a couple of them now more present than ever before… Our brains have a tough old job of taking care of everything that our bodies throw at it.

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On this occasion, the search was a productive one and turned out, after a period of intense exercise, my body was experiencing low blood glucose levels.