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Dating pisces woman compatible

As an element, air can skim over the water's surface but rarely dips into its depths.

Whenever air attempts this feat, the water is transformed into a dangerous water spout, and once the air subsides, the water returns to its true form.

The strength of her love can encourage him to test new waters and explore inner worlds.

She can carry him to depths that he never knew existed and discover new spiritual realms.

He'll do everything humanly possible to assure she's happy. Her love has no depth and Libra will bask in her adoration.

For Pisces, making love is the ultimate expression of her feelings. Libra can teach Pisces that very few things are really life or death situations.

He has a deep appreciation for life's luxuries, especially fine art.

If Pisces is off enjoying her solitude, she might not even notice his absence. She wants to please her Libra lover and he'll let her experiment until her heart's content.

Libra adores his mystical Pisces, even though he doesn't understand her. Pisces turns lovemaking into a mystical sensual experience.

Libra is rather gullible and somewhat of a pushover.

This quality will be very frustrating for Pisces since she needs him to be strong and provide her watery nature with structure.

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He enjoys material possessions and his appreciation for beauty doesn't stop there.

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