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She then leads him to a nearby rift, where he can get out of Limbo.But when the Hunter reemerges and blocks Dante’s path, Kat throws a Wiccan-charmed bottle at its face and exposes its weak spots, allowing Dante to fight and kill the Hunter.With his guidance, Kat then killed her father and began working under Vergil (though this was changed slightly in the Chronicles of Vergil).Through him, Kat learned demonology and occultism and becomes able to cast ancient Wiccan spells, mostly through the use of her special spray paint.But Vergil reassures her, saying that Dante is just raw like she was before.Later on, as Dante returns, he confirms with Vergil that they are twin brothers.Kat then tells him that she’s a member of The Order, and the masked man on the news is her boss.Bringing Dante to the well hidden entrance, Kat explains to him the purpose of the Order is mankind’s last defense against demons.

She quickly explains that she’s a psychic and can see him, even though she’s in the real world and he’s in Limbo.Kat was told they would make her better, but she was really kept weak and docile.Later on she discovered that her foster father was a demon who physically abused her daily, resulting her to escape into Limbo where Vergil heard her cries for help.She then brings him to Vergil, who tries to persuade him to join their cause.When Dante refuses, Vergil asks for a chance to at least show him the truth of his past.

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