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“We wanted everything..string quartet, the trumpet player, everything,” says Eden.

The sisters began playing as a duo with Shay-Li (then aged 16) on guitar and Eden (then 15) on cello.

Every hour and every step leads to another dish and another country, proving you don't need a passport to taste the world.

The amount of sea ice at both the Antarctica and the Arctic has hit record lows, leading scientists to worry that the effects of global warming might be far worse than previously thought.

“With a band mate, you can be very close, but if it doesn’t work out you can say, ‘OK, we’ll never speak again.’ But we live together, and if we are doing Shabbat dinner afterwards, we have to make it work out because we are part of a family, and in this family, we have to be OK.”But such sibling synchronization is rare, and the Djamchids have gotten lucky: “People come to Eden after the show and say ‘My dream is to do something with my brother or my sister’ or ‘I can’t imagine doing something [like this] with my brother or my sister,’” Shay-Li says.

WITH A song on the record titled “Jerusalem,” Shay-Li says that the connection between their music and the Holy City is inseparable.“I think that Jerusalem is a very complex city,” Shay-Li, the band’s lyricist, says. If you are living here, you always need to ask questions about life.

The strange and unexpected effect has been attributed to a combination for the build-up of man-made greenhouse gases, the El Nino weather event and freak natural swings in the weather.

"It's an extraordinary departure from the norm," he said.

Serreze at the NSIDC said the twin record lows might be "blind dumb chance".

Eventually, she became a hot commodity, playing with many of the groups when they gave recitals.

She realized that she preferred singing and playing modern music on the cello, “and I never went back,” she tells the Magazine.

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John Turner of the British Antarctic Survey said chilly westerly winds that sweep around the continent, perhaps insulating it from the effects of global warming, were the weakest for November in two decades. A recovery of the high-altitude ozone layer over Antarctica, which led to cooler air over the continent when it was damaged by now-banned industrial chemicals, may also be a factor. President-elect Donald Trump, who has called man-made climate change a hoax, has threatened to pull out of that agreement, reached in Paris in December.