Emilie de ravin and robert pattinson dating updating papervision indexes

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Emilie de ravin and robert pattinson dating

"Love is such an objective thing," she says, in a suitably vague answer to a necessarily vague question about love. It's chemistry." Either way, if she's in love when we meet, there is no ring on her finger."I mean, I can say I love my family, or I love my Diet Coke," she continues, gesturing towards her Coke can. Of course she was romantically linked to Pattinson during filming, but RPattz could star opposite Ellen De Generes and there would be rumours.I try to keep out of that." De Ravin is part of a new breed of celebrity – like Pattinson and his Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart – who shun the glamour and adulation that many see as a perk of the job.When de Ravin slouched onto the red carpet at the London premiere of Remember Me recently, grinning awkwardly in her black Oscar de la Renta mini-dress, she and Pattinson looked as though they would rather be anywhere else.It was so close to filming that we didn't have time to rehearse.But she got it right from the beginning, so it was easy." De Ravin agrees that the best preparation was getting to know each other.Even if you're not looking at them, you're aware of it. "We're filming the next episode in a few days and I don't even have that script yet. With films, you have time to read the script properly and rehearse.

I miss my family so much, my ideal holiday is just to hang out with them. I like to sit at home and watch movies and eat good food." De Ravin is no stranger to film, having starred in 2005's high-school noir Brick, alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and the 2006 horror The Hills Have Eyes (tagline: "The Lucky Ones Die First"). Thanks mum." So there you go: Emilie de Ravin is a study in laid-back cool.

"If you're getting ready to do a really emotional scene then, right before it, you're probably not going to be outside playing basketball," she shrugs.

"But everybody involved was passionate about it so there was a good vibe." Having not spent much time in New York before landing the role, de Ravin has now fallen in love with the city.

Despite their 'I'm-so-normal' façade, journalists are warned not to ask about their private lives on pain of death.

A hovering publicist peers up from her Black Berry at the mere hint of a personal question to de Ravin (it could be worse: no less than three handlers accompany Pattinson during his interview).

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Then, when we were actually shooting, everything fell into place and felt natural.

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