Fiction books about teenage dating violence

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Fiction books about teenage dating violence

But parents and educators who teach kids about what a positive, respectful relationship looks like — and how to identify an unhealthy one — can make a huge difference.So this February, start talking to your kids about what healthy relationships look like!But will she dare to take a bigger step out her front door?And if she takes that seemingly insane risk, what will she learn?She opts to throw herself into the school musical — where the drama, of course, isn’t confined to the stage.This graphic novel tackles all the ups and downs tweens and teens experience as they start experiencing their first feelings of infatuation and love — hope, excitement, fear, uncertainty, and even the dawning realization of sexual orientation as one of Callie’s friends from the drama club confines in her that he’s gay — in a compelling and compassionate way.Then she "meets" Olly, the boy who's moved in next door, through written notes and instant messaging.Soon, she's daring to meet him in person — with the help of her nurse, Carla — and finds herself no longer satisfied by a life within four safe walls.

Would losing the anxiety, depression, and stress of love really be worth losing love itself?To Garnet's shock, she finds herself romantically drawn to Isabella, even though the notion of a same-sex relationship is totally foreign to her.And if she can defy convention enough to accept her love for Isabella, surely her other unconventional dreams — college and a scientific career — aren't crazy either.But when the school turns on the non-conforming Stargirl, Leo sees only two choices: join her as an outsider, or convince her to be "normal." Stargirl loves Leo, but she has her own question to answer: is it crazier to be in love with the weird kid at school, or to deny who you really are in the name of love?Juli and Bryce met in second grade, and she immediately knew he was perfect...

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What if love didn’t just feel crazy, but was actually considered a mental illness?