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Illawarra speed dating

In later years the network was incorporated into the My Zone ticketing system, which retained the AFC technology but extended the validity of multi-modal tickets to private buses and light rail.

Unlike the ticketing systems of other cities in Australia, most of City Rail's ticket prices were calculated on the distance travelled, and were proven to be the most expensive tickets of any major city public transport system.

Cosmogenic Mega-Tsunami in the Australia region – are they supported by Aboriginal and Maori legends? Research along the east coast of Australia since 1989 (Bryant 2001; Bryant & Nott 2001) indicates that a mega-tsunami struck and eroded the shores of Lord Howe Island and the rocky coastline of New South Wales over a distance of 600 km around AD 1500 (Fig. A comet impact in the region is the most likely cause of such a large and widespread event.

Abstract: Mega-tsunami have affected much of the coastline of Australia over the past millennium. The location of a possible impact has recently been discovered (Fig.

When the City Rail brand was introduced the State Rail Authority was part way through taking delivery of 450 Tangara carriages.

We term this event Wandjina after the artwork related to the legends. All V sets which operated on the Newcastle and Blue Mountains lines, were serviced at Flemington Depot.All M and H sets, which had a green target plate, were serviced at Eveleigh Maintenance Centre.For most of the brand's life City Rail's ticketing system was the Automated Fare Collection System (AFC).Dating from 1992, it was based on magnetic stripe technology and was interoperable with the Sydney Buses and Sydney Ferries systems.

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In October 2012, a report published by Pricewaterhouse Coopers found City Rail performed poorly compared to many metro services from 27 other major world cities.

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