Love and dating in nigeria

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Love and dating in nigeria

So I am not sure if he is playing games with me Dated a nigerian guy and completely fell for his sweet words, proclamtions of love and always talking about our future... The childs mother was always travelling to check on her terminal mother, and whenever she left, he would invite me over. We get along well, he hasn't brought me anything expensive, he has two kids and said their mum was in NY and a good job. well a few weeks is not enough to know he's clear intensions!

Until oneday, i suppose, she got my number from his fone and called me.. but wait he said the mother of the kids is in ny, and I am asuming that the woman is just a baby mum/Ex right?

I dated a Nigerian man for the first time in my life and I got hurt soo bad. if you don't know that then you probably want to start from their coz what he could really be saying is that he's wife is in NY working etc men give out signals in the way they speak so you have to be smart to be able to read those red flags.

We were only together for 2 months and I never ever wanted him but he chased me like it was nobody's business. He took me out, introduced me to his friends, cooked for me, bought me expensive gifts and then boom I find out that he has a girlfriend of 8 years and she has his bail. however I aint suggesting anything but you don't really know this man that well enough so just hope he is real WOW! I have been talking to a dude that is Nigerian for a couple of weeks. Seems I should run for the hills and be done with this here!

I have met his brothers and sister then he said his aunt. Claims he will get a job and support me but I haven't seen it yet. He's always there for me and even if he has to cancel his night out with friends, his gym or even work, he would never leave me on my own if I need him. I know that kinda nigerians u better don't fall in love with.. If u pick the right one u gonna find one who will love you and treat u like a queen! A n m dating a Nigerian guy..father Lord I love hm although we hv nvr met..stay up ol night chatting on whatsapp..thngz he says abwt me on f.b u could swear Hz madly inlv Wth me Hi there, I am currently dating a nigerian guy. He seems really sweet and very keen when I first meet him, told me that he has been waiting for me and that he going to wed me one day which I thought was so quick.

Because they don't want you to be asking about their home. Ehh you see if the house looks like nobody lives in there, with one chair in the corner and an empty fridge Trouble, you know how men like to pile up their fridge and decorate their homes, well you know why that house looks like that, because that's his second house in fact you are most probably not the only one who visits that house. Hmm if they do work..basically they just don't want to talk about their lives because you ain't going to be in it for long.4) okay now when you are not around, dude talks about how he been chilling with friends, family, going out for drinks etc well basically everything you never do with him.

There is you, Sarah and that other girl from the different city.3) they are very secretive. You don't know if they have any sisters, brothers or friends. Or and then to top that one you have never actually met any of them. Run run oo.5) so whenever you are with him, his phone rings, if it is some one that he does not want you to know, he will do one of these things, either lower his voice and give one word answers, or put the phone down and claim its somebody just annoying him.

Where as if you spend a full weekend with him and he claims he can't attend church that Sunday because you are around. Infact before you even see him make sure you pack your church clothes. But because he brags about how he can just sweet talk you, his friends believe your friends are like that too.10) finally, he never wants to meet your family, always making excuses about attending things with you.

They tend to usually have their fathers, mothers, wives/girlfriends attend that church, so he will be very careful with where he exposes you.8) smooth talkers. So make sure if you are dating one of these described, grenade for you. He claims all this but I have never been to his house he lives with a relative.

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