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They understand that friendship (or whatever) takes a little time to build. I once asked one of the few western women that responded to me why she chose to talk about her pastimes, hobbies, interests, job, travels, etc at the expense of mentioning what she thinks makes her a good catch, and she said that that stuff should be a given, or that you find out these things as the conversation unfold. It's a dating site, you're supposed to sell yourself as a prospective girlfriend or wife.I know I'm going to hate myself for asking, but here goes....I joined OKCupid a year ago, to see what all the fuss was about. I don't work out every single week but I do keep in shape to a reasonable extent and I'm quite active. I've dated a lot of women and more often than not it's been pretty good with most of them. A rough estimate of the number of women that I've sent initial messages to is about... The nature of my messages has ranged from normal greetings to slightly cheeky (but not rude) comments about something they say or something in one of their pictures. I have an ok job and a part time business on the side and I'm not in any debt and I have quite a good lifestyle. I've seen maybe a couple of thousand profiles over the last year, possibly more, and I can honestly say that the percentage of them that come across as dateable is around 2%. I know that's a very rough estimate but it seems about right to me.

And their profiles conveyed so much femininity, humility, sweetness, and pretty much everything that was lacking in the UK women's profiles. Mostly negative, but from time to time there were a few good ones. It seems to me that women in western nations have for the most part forgotten how to be women. Who do they think they are to tell people what to say in a message?

I'm a good conversationalist, I'm thoughtful, a good listener, and I have plenty to contribute to a conversation too. I don't think I'm the bees knees or anything like that but to be fair to myself I think I'm quite a good catch. And yet to this day I think I've had maybe 30 responses. The rest were rude or snarky in one way or another.

And out of the positive responses, they all abandoned the conversation within a few exchanges. But I noticed that they were more responsive than UK women by and large.

The other side to that is if you do happen to respond to a guy nicely--chances are you are going to get a **** pick in response. OKCupid in particular is not the place to look for "manners." Yikes. The **** that western women have to put with is almost alien to foreign women.

I think the bottom line in these discussions is this: If she doesn't think you're hot, she's not going to respond, no matter what you say in your message. It's almost as if western women portray themselves as not to be taken seriously. I'm not condoning it, but western women bring it on themselves. Most men are losers who bombard women with silly messages Most western women are losers and thus they get treated like losers.

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