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New canaan dating

The four were chosen for their intellect and beauty to be trained as advisors to the Babylonian court, Daniel was given the name Belteshazzar, i.e., prince of Bel, or Bel protect the king!

(not to be confused with the neo-Babylonian king, Belshazzar).

However, he never converted to Neo-Babylonian ways.

By Divine Wisdom from his God, Yahweh, he interpreted dreams and visions of kings, thus becoming a prominent figure in the court of Babylon.

Daniel - meaning in Hebrew "God is my Judge") is the protagonist in the Book of Daniel of the Hebrew Bible.

In the narrative, when Daniel was a young man, he was taken into Babylonian captivity where he was educated in Chaldean thought.

C.), Daniel and his friends Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah were among the young Hebrew nobility carried off to Babylon.

As sometimes happens, in order to maintain a logical flow in another section, we may have to move far ahead in time.

Having done just that, let's now move back in time.

King Nabopolassar of Babylon and King Cyaxares of Media divided the old Assyrian empire between themselves.

After Nabopolassar's death, his son Nebuchadrezzar II, later gained control of Syria and Canaan in swift campaigns.

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Eventually, he had apocalyptic visions of his own that have been interpreted as the Four monarchies.

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