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The popularity of messaging apps is giving her many new opportunities to succeed."You have to stay on top of it to create a bigger [fan] base," Bridget said about all of the emerging apps. Bridget charges each of her roughly 40 clients a monthly subscription fee to chat with her through the apps: for Kik, for Snapchat, and for both, for example. A set of 10 pictures can sell for or (in addition to the monthly fee)."He said, 'Go buy some clothes with it or something.'" The 19-year-old primarily works on My Girl Fund, an adult-content social network that pays women to befriend and stimulate men.Last year, Mel said she made about ,000 from chatting and selling photos and videos on the site, and she doesn't even need to get nude.Bridget (her stage name) is a live-cam model who specializes in "findom," a fetish involving financial domination.

But, like other online personalities who want to make it big, Bridget is learning that she needs to expand her digital footprint.Addison juggles so many different platforms that she said she has to set alarms on her phone to remind her to Tweet, snap, stream, or chat."It's not that glamorous," said the college grad who majored in marketing."The girls who are most successful are the ones who can carry a conversation." Popular models on the site have made 0,000 to 0,000 in a year, he claims.The potential to make that kind of money from a relationship-based model is why "Addy" or "Addison" is so dedicated to perfecting her messaging app business.

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