Roger kwok dating

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Roger kwok dating

Roger Kwok Chun On worked for TVB for a number of years, earning only moderate fame through TV shows such as "Detective Investigation Files," "At the Threshold of an Era," and "Law Enforcers." His career took off in 2002 when he appeared on the highly popular series "Square Pegs." He then reprises the same role in 2005 for the series "Life Made Simple." Both of these series earned him "Best Actor" awards.

Roger Kwok Chun On has appeared in over 30 TV series, as well as over 10 movies, including "The Vampire Who Admires Me," "Fearless," "Wonder Seven," "Dragon Treasure," and "Twin Bracelets." Become a moderator for Roger Kwok Chun On's profile - contact us to apply!

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Roger Kwok Chun-on is Hong Kong television actor who works on the TV station TVB.