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Thus, the market for new large power transformers essentially vanished.The Pittsfield operation was never able to recover from that blow and, in 1987, with 1900 employees remaining, the General Electric Company decided to end the business of building transformers in Pittsfield.

Ed Kopf contributed valuable information on the early years of the Apprentice Program, as well as on many other aspects of life in the Pittsfield plant.This was the result of a vast reorganization and decentralization plan instituted by Ralph Cordiner, then the corporate head of the General Electric Company.As a consequence of this, the manufacture of capacitors was moved to Hudson Falls, New York; small distribution transformers were to be built in Hickory, North Carolina; and medium-sized power transformers were to be manufactured in Rome, Georgia.As a result, a critical drop in productivity led to "red ink" for the Transformer Operation.However, through the efforts of Bruce Roberts and Nicholas Boraski, the operation was eventually brought back into the black.

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William Coles provided details of Power House modifications over the years.

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