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In this case, the additional service credit earned based on prior non-Federal work experience must be subtracted from the employee’s total creditable service.

A new service computation date (SCD) for leave must be computed and established before the employee’s separation or transfer.

An employee must provide written documentation to the hiring human resources office (HRO) outlining the non-Federal or uniformed service work experience that is directly related to the duties of the position to which the employee is being appointed.

HRO’s must file and maintain written documentation justifying the use of this flexibility to include (at a minimum): The skills and experiences the employee possesses that are essential to the new position and the duties the employee performed in the non-Federal position or uniformed service that are directly related to the duties of the position to which the employee is being appointed.

Also, since the determination to credit prior non-Federal work experience for service credit for leave must be made before an employee enters on duty, human resources offices may not retroactively apply this provision.

The skills and work experience the employee possesses must meet three basic requirements; they must: (1) be essential to the new position; (2) have been acquired through performance in a non-Federal position or a uniformed services position (if the employee is a retired member of a uniformed service) that directly relate to the duties of the position to which the employee is being appointed; and (3) be necessary to achieve an important agency mission or performance goal. "Period of war" includes World War II, the Korean conflict, Vietnam era, the Persian Gulf War, or the period beginning on the date of any future declaration of war by the Congress and ending on the date prescribed by Presidential proclamation or concurrent resolution of the Congress.

“Participating” is defined as any student who is fully and actively participating in all aspects of the ROTC program (class, physical fitness training, leadership training (lab).

In accordance with the Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) Guide to Processing Personnel Actions, Chapter 6, Subchapter 1, a qualifying employee will receive one (1) day credit for each full day or part-time day of service.

This human resources flexibility is intended to assist agencies in recruiting individuals with the skills and experience necessary to achieve an important agency mission or performance goal Service credit for annual leave accruals is applicable to an individual: (1) receiving his or her first appointment (regardless of tenure) as a civilian employee, or (2) being reappointed following a break in service of at least 90 calendar days from his or her last period of civilian Federal employment.

The series and occupations for which a bureau may approve credit for determining an employee’s annual leave accrual rate are limited to the Department’s mission critical occupations identified as part of its Human Capital Initiative in the Recruitment and Retention Plan as follows: 0110 – Economist 0201 – Human Resources Specialist 0301 - Miscellaneous Administrative and Program Management 0343 - Management Analyst 0482 - Fishery Biology 0500 - Accounting and Budget Group 0855 - Electronic Engineer 0905 – Attorney 1101 - General Business and Industry 1102 – Acquisition 1140 - Trade Specialist 1224 - Patent Examining 1301 - General Physical Science 1310 – Physics 1315 – Hydrology 1320 – Chemistry 1340 – Meteorology 1360 – Oceanography 1529 - Mathematical Statistician 1530 – Statistician 1550 - Computer Science 1801 - General Inspections, Investigations and Compliance 2210 - Information Technology Specialist Service credit for determining annual leave accruals is not applicable to current Federal employees who were employed before April 28, 2005.

Uniformed service personnel such as firefighters, paramedics, law enforcement officers, and military can encounter traumatic events in the line of duty every day.

To deal with the stress of their jobs, some may turn to alcohol and other drugs.

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Annual leave accrued and accumulated as a result of receiving credit for non-Federal service or active duty uniformed service remains to the credit of the employee, even if the employee fails to complete the full year of continuous service.

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