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Updating location information

The updating may include determining that the current geographical coordinate location of the wireless device has moved beyond a predetermined distance from a last recorded geographical coordinate location.A physical address location associated with the current geographical coordinate location may then be updated.E911 Phase II systems are required to provide an operator with the telephone number, originator, GPS coordinates, location of the caller with a higher degree of accuracy than E911 Phase I, and use automatic location identification (ALI) database at the PSAP that is used to provide physical address location information to a PSAP operator.However, only 18% of all PSAPs are configured with E911 Phase II systems.The remaining 82% of PSAPs are configured with E911 Phase I systems, which are incapable of handling GPS coordinates, and, therefore, subscribers who have wireless telephones that use GPS coordinates for 911 emergency calls cannot be properly serviced by these PSAPs.If a caller is using a non-cellular wireless device, such as a Wi Fi enabled wireless device (e.g., softphone), or if a caller is using any other Voice-Over-Internet Protocol (Vo IP) based phone, an operator at a PSAP with E911 Phase I capabilities is unable to determine address location based on GPS coordinates that are received from the caller.To address the problem of PSAP operators not receiving physical address locations of wireless devices, such as Vo IP phones from callers to emergency E911 services, the principles of the present invention provide for a system and method for updating physical address location information for E911 services.

In the early 1980s, this agency proposed a plan to raise awareness of a single emergency telephone number to the general public.Many Wi Fi enabled wireless devices have global positioning system (GPS) capabilities that are able to communicate GPS location information (i.e., latitude and longitude geographical coordinates) of the Wi Fi enabled device.While GPS location information may be helpful to track or locate a person at a precise geographical location, such information is not extremely useful in an emergency situation where emergency rescue personnel, such as firemen and police, better understand physical address location information (e.g., street address) for performing an emergency rescue in an emergency situation.From that program, the National Emergency Number Association (NENA), a non-profit organization, was created.NENA has since become a leading organization to improving technology and developing guidelines for 9-1-1 (“911”) telephone calls (i.e., emergency telephone calls) to improve response by emergency rescue teams.

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As softphones are often used in laptop computers that are moved from one network access point, such as a Wi Fi access point to another, emergency 911 calls may be placed from locations other than a user's home.

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