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When you get the Homebrew Channel back, make sure to turn off update checks and don't opt to upgrade your Wii again to prevent this from recurring.Remove the Homebrew Channel from your Wii by deleting it with the channel manager in the system software.An accidental upgrade is most likely to happen if you play a game that includes an update check and you haven't disabled Wii's update checking.When a new Wii update is available from Nintendo, you are notified, but you can refuse the update.So you could technically store Wii files and computer files onto them. You have a bunch of programs you want to test on your Wii.Before you jump for joy, look up that Wii's model number and update version. They basically are being nice and saying, 'stop tinkering with our system'.

In fact, modding a Wii doesn't take more than using an SD card, the same type of card that a digital camera uses.

Wiis have SD slots to expand the amount of space it can hold and to allow a user to post pictures from a digital camera to the Wii.

But crafty hackers have found that more than simply photos can be sent to the Wii in this fashion: hack files.

In this article we really only touched the surface of modding a Wii (or any console for that matter), there are much more detailed articles out there.

Our Nintendo Guide Site has a slew of info on modding, a guide to homebrew, and many more of the advantages of having a modded system, I suggest looking there as your next step.

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If it's not version 4.1 (or lower) or worse, has been fully updated with all current Wii updates, then most likely you will not be able to soft mod it. So if your Wii has a major issue, try to find a technical friend first. Eventually, that SD card will be full of hacks, backup games and the like. This is where a portable Hard Drive can come in handy.

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