Validating accuracy of web server statistics multiple users updating one excel spreadsheet

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Validating accuracy of web server statistics

To create a server object by using the Net Scaler command line At the comand prompt, type: add server After you enable the load balancing feature, you must create at least one service for each application server that is to be included in your load balancing setup.The services that you configure provide the connections between the Net Scaler appliance and the load balanced servers.– You can be up and running on our web-based service in a day with no installation required If you are new to tri Resolve, get in touch to book a demo and discuss your requirements.

If you create a service without first creating a server object, the IP address of the service is also the name of the server that hosts the service.

The HTTP service type enables the Net Scaler appliance to provide compression, content filtering, caching, and client keep-alive support for your Layer 7 web servers.

This service type also supports virtual server IP port insertion, redirect port rewriting, Web 2.0 Push, and URL redirection support.

A ping monitor is the most basic of the built-in monitors.

When you create a service that uses TCP as the transport layer protocol, a TCP_default monitor is automatically bound to the service.

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