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Look at players like Adrian Peterson and Ryan Tannehill to see the results of this treatment. I wanted him gone, because all I could see was a falling star with a gigantic price tag.

But ladies and gents of aqua, we may very well have a huge surprise coming our way in 2017.

He was not available to reporters in the locker room today and obviously was not on the practice field because he is now nursing a left hip injury (again) that has forced the team to shut him down the remainder of the preseason. He grabbed his left as he grimaced in pain on the ground. Then Pouncey came out of the game and the injury is reported in the official game book with Pouncey listed as questionable to return. But the craziness continued because injured Mike Pouncey played 14 more plays in this game through two Dolphins touchdown drives that carried the game up to left in the first half. Look, it is the player's ultimate responsibility to communicate to trainers something is wrong. The injury is not readily apparent through examination? Now, it is unclear if Pouncey felt good enough to return to the game and then aggravated what was already an injury. This is what he said: (On how things have changed for him in the past week) – “Nothing has really changed.

And, yes, coach Adam Gase said Pouncey's status for the season opener in Seattle on Sept. Except three plays later, in the second quarter of a second preseason game, Pouncey found his way back into the game. Maybe it had something to do with the fact two of the three plays run while he was out resulted in roughing penalties against the Cowboys and Pouncey felt a need to return and be there in the fight, so to speak, with his teammates. But it is also the responsibility of the head trainer and team doctors to recognize, upon examination, that something ... In the preseason, the default position should be caution. Or perhaps the injury that seems important now didn't seem all that important at the time so Pouncey played on. We’re missing Mike (Pouncey) right now but as (Head) Coach (Adam Gase) said, its next guy up so I’m the next guy up.

We older fans are stuck in some old ways of thinking, especially in regards to treatment.

Medically speaking, we are entering an era of Sci Fi, and most don’t fully grasp this.

And then started the weirdness: It was immediately obvious that Pouncey was injured on his left side. Later, after he got up and was surrounded by medical personnel, Pouncey motioned toward his left hip. The point is someone has to communicate this information to the position coach. And ultimately, Pouncey should have been communicating that message. Steen spoke the media in the locker room for the first time today.

And defensive end Ryan Russell, rallying to the football, rolled up on Pouncey's left side. Somewhere, somehow, someone wasn't exactly communicating the message that Mike Pouncey, who has had chronic hip problems in the past and came out of this game with what seemed like a hip injury, could be hurt and probably should not be back in the game.

The Pounceys have been linked to Hernandez’s off-field activities as police continue to probe Hernandez’s past for clues relating to current murder charges he faces.But after digging into some articles on Pouncey’s current state, a huge breathe of fresh air came rushing in. Pouncey is undergoing his most comprehensive rehab to date. For those who don’t understand what this means, this is a quote from one of the leading companies in performing the process: “…The Procedures helps solve this problem by greatly increasing your body’s own natural repair cells and promote healing.This is accomplished by harvesting cells from areas known to be rich in mesenchymal stem cells and then concentrating those cells in a lab before precisely re-injecting them into the damaged area in need of repair.” Many of us remember Billy Simms, and how one tear ended a brilliant career far too early.Earlier in the week, fellow tight end Rob Gronkowski demurred when asked about the Hernandez case, maintaining that he had “no reaction at all.” Owner Robert Kraft insisted that if the charges are correct, then his entire organization had been “duped.” Hernandez, who is also being investigated for possible involvement in a 2012 double homicide in Boston, remains in his prison cell while the prosecution continues to build its case against him and Ernest Wallace and Carlos Ortiz. Hernandez is charged with the execution-style murder of 27-year-old semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd and is being held without bail. Hernandez’s next court date is July 24 for a probable cause hearing.Meanwhile, the Cleveland Plain-Dealer reported that the Pro Football Hall of Fame had taken down a photo of Hernandez after several visitors complained.

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For those you are into this stuff, muscle atrophy is a key sign of arthritis.